Sexual Issues to address with tantric healing


At a certain age many guys start to become more concerned with certain sexual issues and sometimes don’t really know where to turn. Often guys will go instantly for the ‘quick fix’ option which basically involves going down to the local medical practitioner and getting some tablets to help.

In many cases however this is not really necessary and by using tantric and tantra healing with a qualified practitioner, one can work out some great ways to overcome such problems without the need to go this route. By signing up with a qualified tantric massage therapist you will learn various techniques that can address a whole range of different issues which include things such as

  • Premature ejaculation
  • Loss of Libido
  • Improving Performance
  • More Intense Orgasms

Many people might take the above for granted , but unfortunately for those that do have issues these can really become a living nightmare and the worst thing about things like premature ejaculation is that is more often than not just something is in the mind of the personally suffering from it and not actually a genetic or incurable condition

This is one of the reasons that many more are looking for tantric massage London therapists for example as through learning the basic concepts of tantric teachings and in fact mainly learning how to relax and clear you mind, most guys will find that just through learning the art of control they are able to control the situation a lot better, which in turn leads to a much more fulfilling and healthy sex life with their partner.

For anyone looking to go down this route and get some help with similar issues one can usually find therapist that are available online to help through various associations and groups who come well recommended across the UK.

Some plus points of Tantric Therapy

massage therapist

Tantric massage has really shot up in popularity over recent years in part the increased exposure it has received and also due to people being much more aware of the benefits and how in some cases this form of therapy along with the right type of massage practitioner can really turn people’s lives around and in more ways than one!

People generally get the misapprehension that all the benefits of tantric massage are purely from a sexual point of view although this is really not the case at all. There are in fact many other different benefits for body and mind aswell as of course those related to both sexual satisfaction (not the primary objective in tantra but a nice bonus) The main benefits include things like:

Relaxation – Tantric therapy is also a great way to relax and unwind. You will find that with a qualifieid tantric masseuse who teaches you all the correct methods such as tantric breathing techniques that you can experience levels of relaxation and calm that you never even thought were possible. This also can be a great for people that suffer from a lot of stress and tension or even those that struggle with other psychological issues such as depression and anxiety.
Sexual Issues – Most folks that use Pure tantric massage therapy will generally report that they experience a much stronger and more intense feeling in arousal and in orgasm and this alone can help to turn around a person or couples sex life. This is one of the reasons that tantra is popular with couples as it can teach them some different techniques to really get things going again better in the bedroom department which in some cases can even save relationships.
There really are too many advantages to mention but this is just a small sample of why this really is a great way to go when it comes to choosing a massage therapy

How to Meet New Women

dating-sitesAlthough dating can be fun for lots of people that are comfortable in such situations there are others that really can find such situations quite difficult and in some cases nerve racking. This is one of the reasons that lots of guys choose different methods of dating and in some cases might even employ the help of outside contractors to help in such situations where necessary.

For others who are very natural and comfortable with members of the opposite sex then this can be a very natural and simple process and something that for some can even become rather addictive! Mostly these days this is done via the internet where there are so many different dating sites that it really is quite easy to get involved

Then there are those that are simply too busy to use the conventional route of dating websites and dating agencies and for these people and for a small minority of people, it may be more convenient to use escort agencies and this is why a lot of people who rather be searching for the company of London escorts than opting to try and meet women in different London bars for example.

Then there are those that are not really into any of the above and the method used may be slightly different. Another route that people choose is to meet someone new through those that they know already and this may be through friends at parties or through mutual friends.

In terms of which one works best it really is down to the individual and really does depend on what they are looking for be it a short term relationship or perhaps something longer term. Taking all of the above methods into account however it does seem that the common theme for most is people using online methods and more and more, which does really seem to be the future of dating!

Learning to Relax

learntorelaxRelaxation does really seem to be one of the key elements for people that are healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. This does seem to be a much more important part of people’s day to day lives now as more is expected of people at their workplaces in terms of working hours and the amount of work that is required for people in many jobs in the world.

It is easy to get involved in various activities but the main thing is really understanding the process of relaxation. The first part of understanding the process of relaxation is to accept stress and also to work out if you are suffering from too much in your day to day life.

When it comes to stress, it is actually healthy to have a certain amount of stress in our lives to keep our body and mind agile, but it is important that we do not have too much and if we do find that we have more than normal amounts of stress in our day to day lives we need to learn how to cope with it!

If you are trying to think if you are suffering from undue amounts of stress in your life then you will more than likely be:

–          Unable to switch off from work and be thinking about work 24/7. This can lead to you feeling generally overwhelmed with work, unhappy and unfulfilled in life

–          Very irritable with a short fuse and find it difficult to concentrate on small and minor tasks

–          Unable to remember when you last had a good laugh and had some fun

These are just a few indicators that will show that you are too stressed and therefore in need of finding some activity or relaxation to therapy to help calm down. This might be something like massage therapy which has shown to be very useful in helping people to relax in their lives. Whether you go for traditional massage therapies such as Thai or Swedish massage or perhaps go for a  more erotic form such as naked tantric massage therapy, these can all help people to really relax and help to combat stress in their lives